Our business models

  • Digital

    Innovative service to handle all kind of cryptocurrencies directly on your smart phone.

  • Programming and
    consulting solutions

    High-end solutions in the field of marketing, consulting, research, trend analysis and advisory.

  • Digital asset

    Long-standing professionals specialized on profitable investments in the digital economy.

What is teroxx?

Teroxx is an international company that is one of the pioneers of its industry in many areas of activity. Teroxx is one of the first digital asset and digital currency trading houses in the world!

Teroxx provides its own wallet app and covers the entire software development area with another company. Working closely with regulators, Teroxx is on its way to implement an international concept for cryptocurrency trading and investments in blockchain technology and its advancements. To make these future partners and customers of Teroxx accessible through various products and solutions.

Using simple ways and innovative designed products and services, Teroxx will enable its customers to make a successful entry in the blockchain-, digital asset- and cryptocurrency sector

Teroxx will be able to provide various areas in the blockchain-, digital asset- and cryptocurrency sector as well as the development possibilities of blockchain-based solutions for investors in the future. With the license and business location in Estonia , the business capacity extends into one of the crypto friendliest countries in the world. Because of this it is possible for Teroxx to offer and implement precise consulting services for industrial international customers. With a further approved fund model, Teroxx is able to create an innovative fund and make it available for private and industrial customers. With further licenses Teroxx is able to offer special wallet solutions for tokens and coins as well as future innovative products.

Office locations and
license providing countries

Teroxx is now based in multiple countries with physical offices and licenses. We furthermore already employ several people globally. The public presence site is located in Estonia. There it is also possible to be advised personally about our services by agreeing on an appointment with a request per mail or social media, as well as gaining more insights into the company Teroxx.

  • 40+


  • >$10M

    monthly trading

  • 50+

    countries for a global usage of our licenses

  • 7+

    office locations
    and licenses

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